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Tool Making

  • In-house design service
  • Turn-key project management
  • Capacity to handle tools up to 2.5m long
  • Delcam CAD CAM system
  • Soft prototype or hard production types available
  • In-house proving of tool line ups
  • Flexible work patterns enable 24hr machining
  • Approved heat treatment on our door step
  • Jigs and fixture
  • The latest technology Doosan Machining centers.

Our tooling department is capable of producing prototype soft and hard tools to our own designs or in line with your specifications. We are also able to produce Ureol (resin) tooling for your heat shields or your other low duty tooling applications. The range of tools varies to suit our presses, which range from 50 tonnes to 800 tonnes.

These tools can be blanking, forming or piercing tools. We also manufacture multi stage tooling, designed in line with your production intent.

This in house facility and knowledge enables us to press your complex forms with the minimum of tooling, thus reducing your tooling costs and improving on delivery; which is essential when working to short lead times.

Our CNC machining centers have a machining ability of 2600mm x 900mm x 900mm. In addition to tool making we can also accurately machine welded assemblies to achieve your production tolerances.

Press simulation software is used for process validation where you require it.

We also offer a refurbishment service to bring your worn-out tooling back within tolerance. Alternatively, lost or heavily damaged tooling can be re-made from samples, components can also be reverse-engineered by laser scanning the surface to generate CAD data and manufacture new tooling cost effectively.

Powershape by Delcam was created to take concept designs or designs prepared in other systems and enable the addition of complex features, such as fillets or split and draft surfaces. It is used for importing CAD data, solid modelling, jig and future design, tool design, electrode extraction, 2D part and assembly drawings. Customers can supply CAD information to Amdale in the following formats: IGES, DXF, CATIA, VDA and DWG. Alternatively, if only a drawing is available, most forms of graphical image can be read, including pdf, jpg, bmp, iges, dxf and catia.

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