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Project Management

  • Planning
  • Costing
  • Procurement
  • Financial
  • Manufacture
  • Subcontracting
  • Finishing
  • Delivery
  • Commissioning
  • Quality assurance

Chasestead’s project manager services offer our customers the option to outsource the complete manufacture of work encompassing full Procurement, manufacture and finishing.

Project management offers the peace of mind that the entire project will be undertaken to the highest standards with all points of contact with a dedicated project team consisting of experienced engineers, all of your projects components will be quality assured.

Our project management services are ideal for companies looking for a “turn-key solution”. Our one stop shop service allows our customers to save time by removing the requirement for dealing with multiple third party manufacturing agents or transporting part assembled components back to their factory and then carrying out final manufacture themselves.

We will work together to plan, execute and control best practices in the areas of new product development and to deliver to agreed milestones on cost, quality and performance.

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