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Welcome to the new Jaguar XE


This evening at a glittering ceremony in London, with the help of a helicopter and some musical theatre, Jaguar officially revealed its BMW 3-Series fighter. People of the Internet, please be upstanding for the brand new ‘XE’, the most important car Jaguar has launched in a very long time.

It’s the company’s new much-vaunted small sports saloon, and will wade into the deep waters against the Beemer, Audi A4 and Mercedes C Class. Serious competition indeed, and much more than just a scaled-down XF.

The basics are thus: you’re looking at five seats, a big boot and a range of engines and trims that’ll spin your head.

It’ll sit on what Jaguar calls an aluminium intensive architecture, with hollow-cast aluminium for the suspension to keep everything light and stiff. The front suspension design is related to the F-Type’s double-wishbone setup, while the rear gets an independent multi-link arrangement.

Engines are all new, dubbed ‘Ingenium’ by JLR, the first of which sees a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder diesel that manages 75mpg and slips under 100g/km of CO2, alongside a 2.0-litre petrol unit. They’re both a whopping 80kg lighter than JLR’s existing four-pots, too.

As we’ve told you before, this four-cylinder engine with its aluminium block is modular, alterable in 500cc increments up or down with the ability to incorporate hybrid elements.

Then there’s the 3.0-litre supercharged V6 pinched from the F-Type, developing 335bhp in the XE ‘S’, with a 0-62mph time of 5.1 seconds and a limited top speed of 155mph.

There’s fully-electric steering, and ‘All Surface Progress Control’; traction control that maintains your momentum no matter the surface, to ensure unruffled progress.

The interior adds to this ambience too, with a recognisably Jaguar design, but with a new eight-inch high-definition multimedia touchscreen in the centre console, a welcome replacement for the tired system in the current JLR lineup. As expected, it allows all manner of connectivity, from apps, mobile wifi, voice control, and a sync for your smartphone. There’s also an optional head-up display and modern graphics.

And get this: you can even start the XE from your mobile, as well as set air-con and other functions remotely, which is handy for those winter mornings.

The car will be built in two brand new factories in Jaguar’s heartland: one in Solihull to build the car, and one in Wolverhampton to build the engines.

And the starting price for Jaguar’s new entry-level model? £27,000 when it goes on sale after next month’s Paris Motor Show.

Have a scan through the pics: has this new Jag XE got the smarts to beat the Germans?

One thought on “Welcome to the new Jaguar XE

  1. Dee

    I makes me immensely proud to see the cnnitnuiog strength of Land Rover and to see the huge influence of the original British design. You are right this is something that should be celebrated especially due to the contribution to the UK company. As an Englishman I love to hear such stories about companies with such a strong British heritage.


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