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Gordon Murray Design celebrate
the first UK showing of their iSTREAM® carbon manufacturing technology in the new TVR
sports car at Goodwood

Gordon Murray Design are delighted to have been chosen as partners by TVR
the design and development of their new sports car and also to be a part
of the celebration of this great British brands 70th Anniversary.

The team at Gordon Murray Design have worked very closely with the TVR team to
deliver a vehicle which meets all the class-leading and exacting criteria set-down by
TVR which has resulted in a vehicle which sets new standards for weight and
torsional stiffness.TVR chose Gordon Murray Design’s iStream® carbon manufacturing system to help deliver these outstanding performance values. iStream® carbon is Gordon Murray
Design’s premium version of iStream® and it brings Formula One technology and
materials within reach of the everyday motorist. This technology has been the enabler
in producing a sports car some 300kg lighter than its class opposition alongside
delivering new levels of torsional rigidity.

The new car brings new standards of engineering and quality to TVR products and
the world-class design and prototyping team have worked very closely with the two
UK companies who both share Gordon Murray Design’s drive towards producing
engineering product to exacting standards. Chasestead engineering and Formaplex
have played a great role in the production of the sports car.The Goodwood Revival is therefore a double British celebration – the re-launch of iStream® carbon.

Professor Gordon Murray says “We at Gordon Murray Design are very proud to be
associated with a fantastic British product and so many excellent UK companies and
I would like to be the first to congratulate TVR on their 70th Anniversary and the
launch of this product.


Editors Notes


    1. Gordon Murray Design Limited is a British company operating from
      Shalford, Surrey. The Company is recognised as a world leader in
      automotive design and reverses the current industry trend for
      sub-contracting by having a complete in-house capability for design,
      prototyping and development. The Company is compact and focused
      and undertakes automotive and other engineering programmes in an
      efficient and innovative way.
    2. The iStream® assembly process is a complete rethink and redesign of
      the traditional automotive manufacturing process and could potentially
      be the biggest revolution in high volume manufacture since the Model T.
      Development of the process began over 15 years ago and it has already
      won the prestigious ‘Idea of the Year’ award from Autocar who were given
      privileged access in order to make their assessment.The simplified assembly process means that the manufacturing plant can
      be designed to be 20% of the size of a conventional factory. This could
      reduce capital investment in the assembly plant by approximately 80%.
      Yet the flexibility of this assembly process means that the same factory could
      be used to manufacture different variants. The iStream® design process is a
      complete re-think on high volume materials, as well as the manufacturing
      process and will lead to a significant reduction in full lifecycle CO2.
      For more information please visit www.istreamtechnology.co.uk
    3. For over 50 years Chasestead has been providing prototype engineering &
      low volume production sheet metal parts for the automotive industry using
      the latest technologies we offer the best prices and lead times to deliver your
      quality parts and assemblies. Visit chasestead.com for more information
    4. Formaplex are a leading manufacturer for tooling and lightweight component
      solutions within the automotive, autosport and aerospace industries. With a
      reputation for excellence built on

For more information, or to request an interview, please contact:
Sarah Smith, Communications Officer at Gordon Murray Design on +44 (0)1483 484700 or via email at sarah.smith@gordonmurraydesign.com


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