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Guy Martin’s World War 1 Tank

The motor cycle racing legend and TV presenter Guy Martin, working with North One Television, has made a one off special documentary to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Cambrai and the first use of tanks in modern warfare.

Guy has been involved in the construction of a replica Mark IV World War One tank. He wants to ensure that the British engineering brilliance, which created the world’s first battle tank, is remembered along with the brave men who served and paid the ultimate price in the line of duty.

With only four months to complete the most ambitious build he had ever attempted Guy Martin engaged the services of Chasestead Limited and JCB for the engineering, the tank its self being assembled in the Norfolk Tank Museum.

Guy Martin worked on the manufacture of the complex track components at Chasestead Limited in Letchworth. He used the equipment usually involved in the manufacture of prototype vehicle chassis for companies such as Aston Martin and Jaguar. Using Chasesteads’ 800 tonne press he pressed the tank tracks which were then laser cut on a state of the art five axis laser. In total Chasestead Limited manufactured over 360 components for this vehicle, from gun mounts to periscopes. Some components were rapid prototyped using technology that the original manufactures could only dream of in 1917.

During the programme, Guy will provide a fascinating insight into the history of tanks that will include a visit to the Cambrai battlefield where he meets one of the only seven original Mark IV tanks still in existence. He will also join the Royal Tank Regiment on manoeuvres on Salisbury Plain and learn what it’s like to work in a modern Challenger 2 Tank.

This documentary will be shown again on 9th December at 7.00 PM on Channel 4



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