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Chasestead and the Slo Mo guys

One of Chasesteads recent projects has received over 8 million views on YouTube, The Slow Mo Channel Guys had a great time at The University of Edinburgh getting some great shots of the Wave spouts! Check out the Video here;

Chasestead produced the Pressing, Folding and Fabricating the stainless steel wave paddles and aluminium drive beams for wave test Tanks at The University of Edinburgh.

The University of Edinburgh Curved Wave Tank is a multidirectional wave facility, which is capable of producing digitally controlled pseudo random waves with definable spectral and directional statistics. It is equipped with force feedback absorbing wavemakers, which enhance the accuracy of marine environmental conditions through the minimisation of standing waves.

The tank is 30m in diameter with a working tank 25m in diameter and 2m working water depth, and is surrounded by a circle of 168 flap wavemakers and 28 flow propellers. There is a central floor section 15m in diameter that lifts above the water for the installation of experiments.

The circular design allows omnidirectional wave and current generation for model testing of renewable energy devices. It has been designed to be able to simulate any sea conditions around the British Isles

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