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Laser Cutting

  • 5-axis 3 dimensional laser cutting facilities
  • Fast and efficient flat bed laser set up
  • Turn table axis enabling tubular components to be cut to any shape
  • Off-line programming using Catia 5
  • Unique fixturing method to ensure repeatability
  • Sub-contract work undertaken

By investing in our own 5-axis laser we have the capability to trim your pressings to the highest quality in the shortest lead times. The laser is now programmed using Catia version 5 software so your CAD models can be imported in native format for ease of data transfer. To provide the highest value to you we have a team of skilled and experienced sheet metal workers to programme and operate the machine. They work directly with your engineers or our project teams to troubleshoot any trim development requirements.

We have developed a fixturing process to give outstanding repeatability when cutting your pressings. This is a unique process that matches form and trim, a common problem when trimming sheet metal pressed parts.

The 6th axis of our laser can be used for trimming your tubular components. Holes can be cut in any shape and end scallops (cod mouths) cut to suit any joint angle to your requirements.

All material and components cut by the laser will have smooth edges and will not require any further finishing operations.

We are able to cut a range of materials to suit your needs including titanium, aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel and Inconel. We can offer total flexibility on batch sizes from 1 off to 10,000 off.

We now have the facility to cut up to 25mm thick on the flat bed.

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